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Friday Favorites: Talcum Powder and Fibroids

Beneath is an approximation of this video’s audio content material. To see any graphs, charts, graphics, photographs, and quotes to which Dr. Greger could also be referring, watch the above video.

In the event you randomly choose a bunch of girls and ultrasound their uterus, the vast majority of them have fibroid tumors by age 50. And by most, I imply, greater than 80% of black ladies, and about almost 70% of white ladies. Half of white ladies have already got fibroids by their early 40s, and the identical could possibly be mentioned for African-American ladies of their mid-30s.

After getting over the shock of how widespread fibroids are, the following query turns into, why the racial disparity? Is it “food regimen, stress,…environmental exposures”? Perhaps, no matter it’s may provide a clue as to what causes fibroids. For instance, African-People are likely to have a “decrease consumption…of fruits [and] greens,” and vegetables and fruit seem protecting in opposition to fibroids—notably citrus, right here within the Black Ladies’s Well being Research; although not, apparently, simply citrus juice.

It’s attention-grabbing; if you happen to measure the degrees of beta-carotene in recent surgical tissue samples of uterine fibroids, and “adjoining regular [uterus tissue] obtained” throughout hysterectomies, you discover “considerably…decrease” concentrations within the fibroids. In truth, beta-carotene was not even detectable in half the fibroid specimens. The identical factor is definitely present in most cancers. Most cancerous tissues examined had undetectable ranges of beta carotene, in comparison with the conventional tissue proper subsequent to the tumor. So, possibly “decreased ranges of [beta]-carotene” in some way play a task in inflicting these circumstances? Seems like a little bit of a stretch, however you don’t know till you set it to the check. However, there had by no means been a randomized, managed, scientific trial of vegetables and fruit for fibroids, till… by no means! They did do a randomized, managed trial of kind-of-a-fruit-and-vegetable-at-the-same-time—tomatoes—however for the prevention of fibroids in Japanese quail, and most of my sufferers should not Japanese, nor quail.

The motion of lycopene, the purple pigment in tomatoes, “in an animal mannequin could not precisely characterize lycopene motion in people.” And certainly, the Harvard Nurses’ research discovered no obvious hyperlink between lycopene consumption and fibroids. So, yeah; fruits and not less than inexperienced greens could have a “protecting impact.” However we gained’t know for positive, till they’re correctly put to the check.

Vitamin D is one other risk as to why African-People disproportionately undergo from fibroids. “Ladies with darker pores and skin are…extra prone to be Vitamin D-deficient;” as many as 80% of black ladies could have “insufficient ranges of Vitamin D,” in comparison with just one in 5 white ladies.

Vitamin D does inhibit fibroid cell proliferation—in a petri dish. It could possibly shrink tumors in your pet rat; however what about individuals? A inhabitants research did discover that “[w]omen with adequate vitamin D” ranges of their blood had a couple of third “decrease odds of fibroids”—according to the discovering that ladies who report a lot of solar publicity additionally look like protected. However, till there’s an interventional trial the place ladies are randomized to vitamin D or placebo, we gained’t know for positive if vitamin D performs a task in fibroid prevention or remedy, or not.

African-American ladies are additionally extra prone to sprinkle child powder on their genitals, which can not solely double the chances of fibroids, however could improve the danger of ovarian most cancers—the deadliest gynecological most cancers. Inner memos present Johnson & Johnson knew concerning the most cancers threat, however nonetheless determined to focus on African-People. “Consider us”, Johnson & Johnson mentioned, “as a lifetime good friend of the household”—a lifetime lower brief, maybe, by its child powder, or not less than so mentioned a jury, which not too long ago awarded a household $110 million in damages—on high of the $200 million in verdicts from final yr, with 1000’s of lawsuits pending after inside memos revealed that a long time in the past, their very own contracted toxicologists have been warning the corporate that there are a number of research exhibiting a most cancers hyperlink, and anybody who denies this threat “will probably be perceived by the general public” in the identical mild as those that denied a hyperlink between smoking cigarettes and most cancers: “denying the plain within the face of all proof on the contrary.”

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